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Who am I?

I'm an actuary specializing in pension consulting and valuations of contingent payments. I have over 40 years of actuarial experience (gained while working for insurance companies and pension consulting firms), and have valued thousands of different payment schemes (from straightforward accrued pensions to complicated generation skipping trust payments). For some specific background, check out my CV, or my more detailed Education & Experience.

Where am I?

I'm back in the great state of Maine, far enough from the madding crowd, but we do have an "international" jetport, with most of the modern conveniences for getting anywhere I might be needed.

What can I do for you?

I can provide expert witness services, especially for the analysis and valuation of payment streams which depend on an individual's survival (think: interest in a pension plan, including the ancillary benefits that many plans provide (e.g., pre-retirement qualified surviving spouse annuity, early retirement subsidies, etc.) that may be ignored by other valuations).

Please refer to my Pension Benefit Valuations for more information.

If you need just a simple valuation, I might be able to help, but you will have to do most of the work. Check out my Application for Simplified Valuation. A complete valuation would need a copy of the Plan (or at least the SPD) as well as a Plan Administrator's statement of accrued benefits, but if you just want a general idea of what a pension might be worth, I am trying to keep a current table of representative rates available here.

I also help through the complicated procedures of qualifying domestic relations orders (QDRO's). Having designed and administered many of the plan provisions that can be difficult to understand, I bring a unique perspective to settlement negotiations and the available alternatives. In the context of "You be the Advocate, I'll be the Expert," I can help you understand the ramifications of the alternative settlement options, and advise you on the benefits and hazards of inclusions and exclusions (See my FAQ for some hazards, pitfalls, and comments).

If you already have a court order, or a draft, which you do not understand, does not accomplish what you want, or has been rejected by the Plan Aministrator, I have a review service which may prove useful.

How can you reach me?

E-mail is the best way now, although I cannot guarantee a quick response: actuary "at" galactser.com
(You'll have to type the "at" sign (@) after you cut and paste this to your email program: the SPAM robots are really a nuisance!)

In an emergency, you might be able to reach me on my mobile number: (207) 650-6405

If you'd rather use snail mail, just send it to:
Michael E. Gallagher
Gallagher Actuarial Services
P.O. Box 297
Sebago, ME 04029-0297

Of course, you can always come back to this webpage:
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