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Announcing a QDRO review service!

If you have a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) that you don't understand,
or that you worry might not actually accomplish what you intended for it to accomplish,
Gallagher Actuarial Services is now providing a review service:

An experienced pension actuary will review the order in question and
provide a comprehensive summary of its terms in plain language.


All you have to do is provide a copy of the order,
along with a check to cover the fee of $50.00
(or click on the PayPal logo to pay electronically).

If there is a question about whether the order follows the terms
of a divorce settlement, a copy of the pertinent provisions of the
settlement (or divorce judgement) should also be provided.

You are also welcome to submit any specific questions or
concerns along with your documents.

(If you have privacy concerns, please edit or black out
personal information in any documents you send.)


Please refer to my FAQs for other information about QDROs and pension division options.


Please keep in mind that this is simply a "review" process.
If the review reveals issues which need to be corrected,
or provisions which are in disagreement with your intent or understanding,
it will be necessary to engage competent professionals to address those issues.
There is no guarantee that any issues can be resolved to your satisfaction.

E-mail is the best way to send the documents,
although snail mail can also be used.
(Travel sometimes delays access to the PO Box, however.)

The email address is: actuary "at" galactser.com
(You'll have to type the "at" sign (@) after you cut and paste this to your email program:
SPAM robots are really a nuisance!)

In an emergency, you might be able to reach me at my mobile number: (207) 650-6405

If you'd rather use snail mail, just send it to:
Michael E. Gallagher
Gallagher Actuarial Services
P.O. Box 297
Sebago, ME 04029-0297

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